​Screening for Lactobacillus acetotolerans in a Brewery Setting

Broadcast Date: May 9, 2019

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Webinar Summary

Lactobacillus acetotolerans is a misunderstood organism with strong beer spoilage capabilities. It first got national attention in 2016, but with the increase use of barrel aging, it has become more and more prevalent across the industry. In previous work, it has been characterized as being extremely difficult to screen for due to a VPNC state (viable but putatively non-culturable), and for its preference for anaerobic conditions. With this presentation, attendees will be educated on its metabolism, spoilage potential and how to thoroughly screen at-risk products. Methods include the use of traditional bench top media as well as more advanced molecular techniques, such as PCR.

Webinar Takeaways

As a difficult to culture organism, many breweries are vulnerable to overlooking infections and releasing products that are contaminated. This presentation will provide a comprehensive guide to this new and misunderstood beer spoiler, including techniques for breweries to reliable screen products, and avoid costly and embarrassing recalls.

About the Presenter

Michael Billon

Michael Billon
Allagash Brewing

Michael Billon has been the microbiologist at Allagash Brewing in Portland, Maine for over two years. He has a background in diagnostic microbiology and an affinity for difficult to culture organisms. He is also a strong advocate for the openness of information and sharing of knowledge to help advance education on brewing microbiology.