​​​​​Rice for Beer: Brewing Principles and Techniques ​​

Broadcast Date: December 12, 2023 | 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM Central

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​Webinar Summary

Discover the variety and capacity of rice as a brewing adjunct in beer! Rice is an easily accessible raw ingredient that can be added to your brews. Dive into the basics of brewing adjuncts and discuss how rice can impact the quality and flavor of your beer, including using it as a supplement to barley malt and as an alternative grain to make gluten-free beer.​ 

Learning Objectives

  • ​​Various rice processing techniques prior to the beer brewing process
  • Influence of rice on organoleptic (sensory) properties of beer
  • ​Rice impact on beer oxidation stability ​

About the Presenter

Hellie Gonu is a fermentation scientist at CVD Co. Ltd, and an associate researcher at the Fermentation Technology Research Center. Hellie's interest for almost a decade has been focused on the malting conditions of tropical cereals (sorghum, maize, rice, and millet) and optimizing their use in brewing processes. 

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