​​ Lab on the Cheap: Microbiological Method Focus | Master Brewers Webinar​​

​Broadcast Date: February 16, 2023

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​Webinar Summary

This webinar will compare and contrast laboratory equip​ment and materials with items purchased at stores open to the average consumer to give brewers an inexpensive alternative for the anaerobic incubation of their brewery samples. We will also evaluate the many microbiological media used by professional brewers, outlined in the ASBC method Microbiological Control 5: Differential Culture Media, and help explain critical topics behind the utilization of these tools.​

Learning Objectives​

​​This session will begin with a review of what equipment is currently available for total plate cou​nt analysis, as well as commonly used microbiological media, so attendees will have a good understanding of current industry practices.

Following this review, there will be a deep dive into how Yeast-Peptone-Dextrose (YPD) agar can be used for a variety of applications via the introduction of small concentrations of selective compounds, such as cycloheximide and Cupric Sulfate, and how those compounds will influence growth in the media. ​

Attendees will also get a recipe for YPD agar based on grocery store available items, and a comparison of how the over-the-counter ingredients compare to the industry-available version (Sigma-Aldrich).

About the Presenter

Matt Linske

Brewing and Distilling Analytical Services (BDAS), LLC​

Matt Linske is the Manager and Lead Microbiologist for Brewing and Distilling Analytical Services (BDAS), LLC, where he helps producers with both hunting down troublesome microbes and routine testing. Since he started with BDAS in 2012, Matt has helped to grow and expand the business. In 2019, he led an expansion to a second facility in Denver, CO which he currently manages and operates. Matt has been an active member of several industry professional groups over his career, giving presentations at both the local and national levels. At the 2019 MBAA National Technical Conference, his work earned him the People's Choice Award for Best Oral Presentation on Diastaticus yeast detection media. Since then, he has continued to help brewers detect and face the many challenges presented by an ever-evolving alcohol industry.​