Master Brewers Webinar: Lab on the Cheap

Broadcast Date: June 8, 2022

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​Webinar Summary

​Quality and consistency are important factors in the long-term success of your brewery, but with limited resources and experience, the idea of starting a lab can feel overwhelming. Find out what testing options are available on a limited budget and get more mileage out of some of the data you're already collecting. Discover daily tasks when starting out and how to slowly add to your workload as you grow your quality program and your brewery. Topics discussed include document control/data analysis, cell counting, micro basics, and sensory panel management. Intended for breweries looking to start a quality lab.

Attendees will:

  • Learn the importance of document control and how charting pH and gravity throughout fermentation can provide valuable information into trends and possibly highlight areas of improvement. 
  • Explain how cell counting and yeast management can improve fermentation consistency, including price lists and resources for detailed cell counting procedures.
  • Learn what's necessary to set up and run a sensory panel including inexpensive training options
  • This session will introduce sterile wort sampling, different types of brewing media available, and the equipment needed to make your own microplates. 
  • Be aware of several inexpensive techniques they can quickly implement into their brewery and finally set up their quality lab.

About the Presenter

Amy Todd
​Zymology Labs

Amy Todd is the owner of Zymology Labs, LLC, a consulting, training, and TTB certified analytical testing lab for brewers and hard cider makers. She has spent over a decade in the craft beer world holding positions at Zero Gravity Craft Brewery and Magic Hat. She is a BJCP certified beer judge, Certified Cicerone ®, a lab instructor at the American Brewers Guild and co-host of the podcast Check your Beer. Amy got her start in the beer world after attending the American Brewer’s Guild in 2009 and ever since has continued to learn as much about beer as possible