Hose Systems, Proper Use and Safety​​​

Broadcast Date: January 31, 2020

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Webinar Summary

Rob Williams and Zack Burkeen dove deeper into the proper usage of hoses. The session explored different safety hazards and ways to avoid them. They delved into how the poor quality of hoses can impact equipment. Finally, they provided information on how to audit and track incoming, current, and outgoing stock of hoses around the facilities.

This session is for anyone who works with brewery equipment!

About the Presenters

Rob Williams, Alliance Hose & Rubber Co.

Rob Williams has been in sales for over 29 years and working Alliance Hose since 2002 covering a diverse hose market in the mid-west and now coast to coast with a large focus on the food and beverage industry for the past 10yrs. He is a graduate of the University of Industrial Distribution, Certified with the NAHAD assembly guidelines for food and beverage hose.

Rob is a current member of the various craft brewery guilds in the Mid-West territory, Member of the Brewers Association, Master Brewers Association's Northern Illinois District and Safety Committee member.

Zack Burkeen, Bell's Brewery

Zack Burkeen is originally from Jackson, MI which is where he started his career in the beverage industry merchandising and loading delivery trucks for Anderson’s Distributing. Zack moved to Kalamazoo in the summer of 2007 where he found a job with Westside Distributing. He eventually left this job to become a supervisor at a large beer store called Drakes Party Center. After spending 2 years working for Drakes, Zack decided that he no longer wanted to be on the selling side of the beer industry and joined the packaging team at Arcadia Brewing Company in Battle Creek. Zack eventually got the opportunity to be a part of the crew that installed and commissioned the new riverfront location for Arcadia Brewing in Kalamazoo. In 2016, Zack was offered a brewing job at Bell’s Brewery as a brewer and has since worked his way up the ranks and is currently a Lead Brewer.​