​​​​​​Recreating Hop Aroma Outside of the Plan​​t and its Practical Application in Modern Craft B​rewing

Broadcast Date: January 19, 2022

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Webinar Summary

The "holy grail" of hop concentrates and downstream products is to provide accurate, high amplitude solutions to brewers that circumvent the agronomic limitations of the plant itself.  A significant barrier for producers of said concentrates and fractions is the fact that they are beholden to working with the whole plant and working their way backward.  Abstrax has taken a completely novel approach to the problem using analytical technology originally developed for the cannabis industry that provides us with data of robustness not seen commonly (if at all) within the brewing industry.  Using this data we create hop-derived downstream products that have been optimized in every sense of the word; from clarity, accuracy, consistency, and ease of use.

These advances in technology allow the brewer to make higher amplitude beers with greater consistency, less loss, and higher margin as our solutions have also been built with the intention of offering more value than any traditional solution currently available.

The intention of this session is to educate brewers of the SIGNIFICANT advancements that have been made (largely in cannabis) in analytical science and its value and crossover into the world of brewing.  Using a straightforward but robust set of graphics provided by Abstrax and practical application and working experience insights from Joe Pawalek of Wicked Weed.

At the end of this session, attendees will understand the competitive advantage that comes from leveraging these technologies as well as the uncharted pathways of development that have been opened by said technologies.  Attendees will be able to explain why 3d chromatography and its resultant solutions for the brewing industry are a new and valuable tool in their toolkit.

About the Presenter

Ross Hunsinger
Abstrax Tech

Ross Hunsinger is the Director of Food and Beverage Innovation at Abstrax Tech.  A Siebel Institute alum, former owner of Atlas Sodaworks, and terpene beverage specialist for the last 6 years.  Ross has overseen the development, implementation, and scaling of Abstrax's growth in the brewing industry backed by world-beating technology and good vibes.

Joe Pawelek
Wicked Weed Brewing

Joe Pawelek is the Brewmaster at Wicked Weed Brewing in Asheville, NC.  He has been a professional brewer for ten years, 7 of those at Wicked Weed.  He oversees all brewing operations, R&D, hop procurement, cross-brew ventures, and employee engagement and education. Joe has achieved Masterbrewer status through Anheuser Busch's global Brewmaster Program, which includes three modules and 4 years of education. He works closely with NC State's hop research farm in Mills River, NC, to help develop and trial experimental varieties grown in the South East.  He enjoys guitar, hanging out with his son, Jasper, smoking meat, fermenting hot sauce, and telling stories of his days as a dog musher in Alaska.