Gluten, Beer, and the U.S. Related Regulations Webinar​​​​

​Tuesday, November 28, 2017 | 11:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. CST

Presenter: Joe Casey, Director of Brewing, Craft Brew Alliance, Portland, Oregon

Moderator: Dr. Gerrit Blümelhuber, Doemens e.V. / Doemens Academy GmbH, Germany

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About the Webinar

This webinar will start with a basic presentation of what gluten is and the brewing materials in which it is, or is not, found. We will also discuss the impact of gluten in brewing and in what situations it might be desirable to have more, less, or no gluten in a beer. The primary focus on gluten in brewing will be centered on the use of various enzymes that allow for the production of gluten-free or gluten removed/reduced beers. The use of brewing cereal ingredients that are inherently devoid of any gluten will also be touched upon. The webinar will discuss considerations and concerns for testing for the presence of whole or hydrolyzed gluten. Lastly, the U.S. regulatory landscape governed by the TTB as well as the FDA that defines allowable label and marketing claims will be reviewed. Some regulatory concerns outside of the U.S. will be presented as well. 

What Attendees Will Take Away

  • Understanding what gluten is, and the difference between gluten-free and gluten removed/reduced beers.
  • The impact of enzymes in the production of gluten-free and gluten removed beers.
  • The U.S. regulations that dictate the marketing and labeling of gluten-free and gluten removed beers. 

About the Presenter

Joe Casey is the Director of Brewing for Craft Brew Alliance and has been with the organization for over 22 years.  Joe’s responsibilities span from brewing raw materials, brewing process, and innovation. CBA owns and Joe is the Brewmaster for the beer brand Omission, a brand focused on gluten removed/reduced barley based beers.   
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