Compliance Testing for State-Level Cannabis Markets |​ Master Brewers Webinar​​​​​​​​​​​

Broadcast Date

June 23, 2020

A recording of the presentation will be posted in 5-7 days.

Webinar Summary

Cannabis testing is being implemented at the state level as medical or adult-use markets become legitimized. The lack of standardization across the industry presents unique challenges, which could benefit from the input of a more seasoned QA/QC-driven industry. Furthermore, infused beverages derived from Hemp or Cannabis may be a cross-disciplinary consideration for breweries nationwide if current trends persist. ​

Quality, potency, and public-health safety testing for cannabis are currently being implemented state-by-state, as legalization continues solely at the state-level amid Federal inaction. The industry is challenged by a general lack of cohesiveness magnified by the regulation of different analytes at a variety of activity levels across state lines. The diversity of requirements has made the pursuit of standardization complex and even stymied to some extent. This webinar will present an overview of the chemical and microbiological test types associated with bringing cannabis to market in states like Oregon, Washington, California, Colorado, Nevada, Florida, Michigan, and Massachusetts. The similarities across state lines will be highlighted, and regulatory parallels with the brewing industry explored. We will also discuss some of the unique challenges faced by method developers and quality managers in the industry. Attendees are encouraged to offer perspectives from their industry experience during the webinar Q&A.​


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Dr. Kimberly Ross
Chief Science Officer, ProForma Labs

Dr. Kimberly Ross earned her Ph.D. from the University of Colorado's Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology program, where her work focused on the evaluation of DNA-based identification methods in comparison with traditional culture-based microbial testing routinely conducted by the drinking water quality industry. Based on a professional background at the intersection of genomics and analytical chemistry, Dr. Ross contributes a broad understanding of methodology appropriate for cannabis testing and the future of genomic applications for cannabis analytics, with several years of direct experience under current state-mandated analytical and microbial testing programs. She is a subject matter expert on ISO 17025 with a specific focus on achieving and maintaining accreditation for cannabis laboratories, a contributing member of ASTM's D37 Committee for development of standards for cannabis products and processes, a participant in the Colorado Marijuana Enforcement Division's cannabis regulatory workgroups, and serves on the Advisory Board of Terpenes & Testing magazine.
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