Cold IPA, Defined: A Deep Dive with the Creators | Master Brewers Webinar​​

Broadcast Date: ​July 20, 2021 

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​Webinar Summary

For the past few years, the team at Wayfinder Beer has been producing Relapse, a "wester than west coast" beer they call a Cold IPA. Recently, the idea of Cold IPA was catapulted into mainstream conversation in the beer community when Wayfinder and Ecliptic Brewing came together to create a unique Cold IPA collaboration beer.  As message boards and social media exploded with debate about whether or not this new take on an IPA was simply an IPL in disguise or something more, brewers in the real world began creating their own takes on the concept. What was Cold IPA meant to be?  How did the creators intend the beer to taste, and what methods did they use to get it there?   ​

The BrewMonitor System was used to track this fermentation, offering a unique opportunity to view and discuss the process in detail. In this webinar, Precision Fermentation’s Andy Morrison will host a discussion of the fermentation-specific details of Cold IPA with John Harris, founder and brewmaster at Ecliptic, and Kevin Davey, founder and brewmaster at Wayfinder Beer.​​

About Presenters​

Andy Morrison 
Precision Fermentation ​

​Andy Morrison is a Sales Engineer with Precision Fermentation, helping to connect and inform all of the internal teams that support the BrewMonitor® System, and educating customers on the use of the system and best practices. Andy previously served as a craft beer sales & marketing director at Harris Beverages, a family-run beer wholesaler in Durham, North Carolina. While coordinating the local efforts of his craft portfolio, he became one of the first 75 people globally to earn the Advanced Cicerone® certification. As an Advanced Cicerone, Andy possesses extensive style knowledge, hands-on experience managing beer service, a deep understanding of the brewing process and ingredients, and expertise in beer and food pairing. Andy received his BS in Physics from the University of Puget Sound.​

John Harris 
Ecliptic Brewing​ 

John Harris has been a part of the Oregon craft brewing industry for 30 years. He started his career as a brewer at McMenamins Hillsdale Brewpub in 1986. He left to become the founding Brewmaster at Deschutes Brewery in 1988 and then went on to serve as a Brewmaster at Full Sail Brewing in 1992. In 2013, John opened Ecliptic Brewing in Portland, Ore where he is the Brewmaster / Owner. John was the first Craft Brewer Member of the MBAA National Technical Committee and a past President of the MBAA District NW. He also served on the Oregon Brewers Guild Board. John has an esteemed past of awards at competitions such as the World Beer Cup and the Great American Beer Festival. He also received the Brewers Association Russell Schehrer Award for Innovation in Brewing in 2001. When not running his business you might find him playing washboard or staring at the stars with his telescope.  

Kevin Davey 
Wayfinder Beer

Kevin Davey began his brewing career at Chuckanut Brewery and Kitchen in Bellingham, WA in 2009 after attending the World Brewing Academy (Siebel Institute in Chicago and Doeman's Academy in Munich) where he became Lead Brewer. He left Chuckanut in 2012 to work as a wort-magician at Firestone Walker in Paso Robles in the middle of the desert. Since Kevin's such a delicate forest creature, he moved back to the Pacific NW to run the Gordon Biersch Brewpub in downtown Seattle. From there he was poached to set up and work as Master Brewer at Wayfinder Beer in Portland's SE Industrial District where he works to this day. He holds dual citizenship in Portland and Seattle.