​​Can Seaming​​ and Tooling Set Up for Craft Brewers​​​

Broadcast Date: October 19, 2018 | 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM CDT

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Webinar Summary

This webinar will cover the can and lid manufacturing and the double seam process across various types of can seamers. We will cover can suppliers, types of lids, machine set ups, tooling changes, defect training and analysis, double seam inspection and related metrology, basic tools needed for proper machine repair.

Can lines are everywhere, with more being installed each day in the craft brew segment. The can seamer is the most important piece of equipment on the can line, yet the least understood.

Webinar Takeaways

  • Which seamer set-up tools they will need
  • How to set up the tooling after a repair/replacement
  • How to outfit a functional lab, with minimal investment
  • How to troubleshoot a defective seam

About the Presenter

David Garab

David Garab
CFT Packaging

David Garab has 29 years in the aluminum beverage can industry, having spent 17 years at AB’s Metal Container as a lid maker, then moved into can seamer repair for the high-speed beer and beverage customer base. In 2006, he accepted a role at Rexam Beverage Can as Seamer Services Manager, managing a group of 10 field service technicians. He was Field Project Manager for Coke’s CDL lid conversion in both North and South America. Consultant for Visy Packaging Australia’s 202 lid conversion. Project Manager for Coca Cola North America’s seam check lab equipment standardization efforts, for which he earned his 6 Sigma Green Belt. Consultant for Coke, Pepsi, Schweppes, AB, MillerCoors, Heineken, Dr. Pepper, etc. SME on Angelus Can seamers, tooling, set ups, and defect training and analysis.

He’s currently Regional Sales Manager for CFT Packaging and lives in Woodstock GA with his wife and two teenagers.