​​​Sponsor Webinar: CDR BeerLab®: an Easy-to-Use Device for the real-time monitoring of your beer making process

Broadcast Date: October 14, 2021
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​Webinar Summary

Join us for an educational sponsor webinar presented by Simone Bellassai, Division Manager of CDR Foodlab®. Simone will give a short presentation about the quality control systems company before diving into the technical information on improving the brewing process through the use of the CDR BeerLab® system. This webinar will include case studies and a practical demonstration of the product, showing how the analyses that can be run with it help to ensure beer quality.

About the Presenter​

Simone Bellassai 
CDR FoodLab

Simone Bellassai graduated in 2009 in Chemistry with honors at the University of Florence in Italy, for which he has worked one year as a research fellow in the Electrochemical department.

At the end of 2009, Simone joined the R&D department of CDR SRL, a company that develops and produces several analysis systems for the QC of the Food & Beverage.

Since 2016, Simone has been working as CDR FoodLa​b® division manager at CDR where he grew a wide experience in chemical analysis. In 2016, he graduated with honors in Enology and Viticulture at the University of Florence. In 2018 Simone  published on the magazine Wines & Vines the article “Winemaking in the Era of Climate Change Determine yeast-assimilable nitrogen and gluconic acid for optimum alcoholic fermentation management.”

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