Brewing with Kveik | Master Brewers Webinar​​​​​​​​​

Broadcast Date: Friday, February 7, 2020

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Webinar Summary

Brewing with Kveik, history, application, and results. The webinar will be broken into four main sections focusing on the history of Kveik yeast, their application in modern craft brewing, how to use them properly, and what the future holds for this yeast. The first section of the webinar will cover the traditional use of these strains and how they have been preserved over time. We will then talk about there relevance and application to modern craft brewing. Details will be presented on how best to ferment these unique strains and the expected results. Finally, we will conclude with many of the questions that are still unanswered about these strains.

About the Presenters

Matthew Peetz, Regis University / Propagate Lab

Matthew Peetz,aka the 'Yeast Whisperer', has been propagating yeast since before it was the cool thing to do. Like many brewers, it all started with a homebrew kit that Matthew received at his college graduation. Despite making some terrible extract beer, exploding bottles, and a sudden increase in carboys, he stuck with it, and by the end of that summer, he knew that he wanted to work in the brewing industry. Interested in fermentation and biology, Matthew decided to go back to school to work on a Masters with an emphasis on Cell Biology. Once Matthew finished his Masters degree, he went on to work as a professional research assistant at Anschutz Medical Campus, spending his days culturing and doing research with a variety of yeast species. From there Matthew went onto work with yeast at both the Brewing Science Institute and GEVO. In 2013, Matthew founded Inland Island Yeast Laboratories, getting the company started in a spare bathroom filled with homemade propagation equipment. Wanting to get back to the roots of his passion, Matthew created the Propagate Lab, a company that not only focuses on providing premium quality Rocky Mountain brewer's yeast but also invests in the success of our talented Colorado-based brewers.

Ethan Tsai, Tivoli Brewing Company / ​Metropolitan State University of Denver

Ethan Tsai is an avid homebrewer, as well as beer industry program instructor at MSU Denver (specializing in brewing QA/QC); but is likely most well-known as a beer tinkerer. Originally an organic materials science scientist by training, Ethan is now the director of QC for Tivoli Brewing Company, as well as an instructor at MSU Denver, which gives him the ability to dive into the deep end of researching new combinations of yeast, hops, and fermentable. He has won awards at a number of homebrewing competitions – but is now much more content slowly converting his basement into a barreling operation and beer research facility. Currently, he is working on a number of barrel-fermented beers, hybrid beer styles (e.g. – braggot), and adapting traditional fermented beverages into new, novel beer forms.​​​