​Bottle Conditioning​​​

​​Broadcast Date: Wednesday, January 18, 2017 | 11:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. Central

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Webinar Summary

Anyone who got their start in homebrewing might relate to this scenario: You likely carbonated your 5-gallon batch with three-fourths cup of corn sugar, then kept your fingers crossed for days, or even weeks, and yet sometimes the resulting beer was as still as wine. Sound familiar? Who remembers the scene from Breaking Bad where Hank Schrader's bottles start exploding in his garage?

Join presenter Eric Warner of Karbach Brewing Co. for this dynamic webinar. He will walk attendees through the ins and outs of bottle conditioning at a commercial scale, addressing both basic and complex topics regarding equipment, yeast, sugar source, process, and refermentation parameters. You'll have chance after the presentation to ask Eric some questions!

Whether you’re experimenting with bottle conditioning as an R & D project or looking at bottle conditioning on a larger scale, you won’t want to miss this presentation!​

About the Presenter

Eric Warner

Eric Warner
Karbach Brewing Co.​

Eric Warner has been in the craft brewing industry for over 25 years, primarily as a Brewmaster. After graduating from the TU Munich at Weihenstephan in 1990 a​s a Diplom-Braumeister, he consulted on various brewing projects until co-founding the Denver, Colorado based Tabernash Brewing Company in 1993.  From 1997 until 2008 he was brewmaster, then eventually managing partner of Flying Dog Brewery in Denver, CO and Frederick, MD. In 2010, he became the founding brewmaster of Karbach Brewing Company in Houston, TX, which has grown to over 80,000 bbl. of production in just five years. Eric has also written two books on brewing (German Wheat Beer and Koelsch), won numerous awards at the Great American Beer Festival and World Beer cup, and has been a beer judge at those events on multiple occasions.​