​Isolating Yeast Strains for Brewing Purposes​

​Broadcast Date: Wednesday, August 31, 2016 | 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM Central​

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Webinar Summary

In this webinar, we will describe the methods that we have used at Bright Yeast Labs and Lost Rhino Brewing Company to successfully isolate yeast strains for brewing purposes. These strains were harvested/isolated from outside sources, and were successfully used in the brewery to produce award-winning beers. We will explain the methods we applied to enumerate and select successful candidates in detail. Different approaches were undertaken to find yeasts that would work in different gravity worts, some successful and some not successful, with an emphasis on ease of application and cheap equipment. We would like you to be able to do the same as what we have done in a brewery environment without expensive lab equipment or resources available. A question and answer session to follow the lecture.
Attendees will walk away from this presentation with information how to isolate their own unique yeast strains, complete with fully described methods and materials and fun experiments for lab personnel to get excited about!
This webinar is perfect for all Head Brewers, Brewery Owners, Brewing Scientists, Lab Personnel, and Homebrewers - or anyone who wants to push the envelope a little and experiment in harvesting their own yeast strain.

About the Presenter


Jasper Akerboom
Bright Yeast Labs

Jasper Akerboom received his PhD in microbiology from Wageningen University in the Netherlands. He runs the quality control laboratory at Lost Rhino Brewing Company and is co-owner of Bright Yeast Labs.​​