​Process Control for Diacetyl: The Why, When, Where & How!​

Broadcast Date: ​September 9, 2015

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Webinar Summary

Process control for diacetyl is as pertinent to brewers today as it was when brewers produced the first North American lager in 1842. Traditional critical control points for diacetyl, aside from robust hygiene programs to prevent diacetyl contributions from contaminating lactic acid bacteria, have long focused on fermenting and aging processes. This webinar will begin with a series of questions seeking to challenge participants’ paradigms concerning the production and control of diacetyl. Subsequent to this survey, the focus will shift to four strategies for realizing process control for diacetyl, emphasizing the critical impact of variability in time, temperature, and pH play in each strategy. Additionally, this webinar will show how each value-added step in malting, brewing, and yeast management influences control. Participants will leave the webinar with practical food for thought to help their breweries apply improved process control for diacetyl!

About the Presenter

Gregory Casey (r​ight) and his son Troy

From 1987 to 2013, Gregory Casey held a variety of senior technical and leadership positions at a variety of companies in the industry, including: Anheuser-Busch in Saint Louis; Red Star Yeast and Products in Milwaukee; the Stroh Brewery Company in Detroit; and Coors, Molson Coors, and MillerCoors—all based in Golden, Colorado. Now retired, Greg’s passions include: helping out his son at his brewery in Glenwood Springs, Colorado (Casey Brewing & Blending); teaching malting and brewing science at institutions in Chicago, Illinois ,and Jinan, China; and writing Americans Drink Beer With Their Eyes, which chronicles the inspiring struggle by German-American immigrants 1878–1912 to protect the right to use rice and corn in making the popular beer style, the light North American lager.

Moderated by Florian Kuplent, Urban Chestnut Brewing Co, Saint Louis, MO, U.S.A.