2013 Meeting Recap

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District Western New York met at the historic F. X. Matt Brewing Company, Utica, NY on November 20, 2013.  The meeting began with brewery tours, followed by hospitality and tasting of Saranac and Matts products to the delight of all.  Dr. Manaf Farhan of EMG International presented on the use of fluidized bed anaerobic reactors to treat brewery waste and generate power.  The presentation included a tour of the digester facility.  Our 80 plus attendees were then treated to a“Utica Italian Buffet”, compliments of F. X. Matt Brewing Company with proceeds of the meeting donated to the MBAA District WNY scholarship fund.  The scholarship will enable a District member to attend the brewing course.  Applications are now being taken, please contact  mbaawny@gmail.com for additional information.

 New Officers for the 2014 year:

                             Mitch Lagoy – President

                             Dean Jones – Vice President

                             Dan Voce   - Secretary

                             Mary Wiles – Treasurer

                             Rich Michaels – Technical & BOG Rep

                             Kathy Russell – Publicity

                             George Murphy – Membership

                             Gary Lauchert & Jim McDermott – Scholarship

                             Jim Kuhr – Ex Offico

 ​Our 2014 meetings will be February, May, September and November.

Details will follow.

 The Cornell University Cooperative Extension/Madison County will be hosting the 2013 Cornell/NeHA Hops Conference on December 7th at Morrisville State College. Please contact Steve Miller sgm6@cornell.edu for additional information.  Cornell will also be offering another one day brewing course by Dr. Karl Siebert, date to be announced.  Please contact Dr. Siebert for additional information:  karl.siebert@cornell.edu

 Respectfully Submitted,

 Kathy Russell, Publicity

District Western New York

 Encl.  Photo of Jim Kuhr presenting Dr. Manaf Farhan with a Saranac basket in appreciation for his presentation.


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