​Services Available to Districts​​

Headquarters has a number of services that are available to districts. These include:

Member Information & Administrative Services

Cheryl Kruchten | +1.651.994.3801
To help districts keep up-to-date on their membership, Cheryl Kruchten, Master Brewers member relations specialist, sends the following information by e-mail to district leadership.
  • Complete membership rosters are sent to district leadership on a quarterly basis but may be requested at anytime.
  • A list of new members is sent during the first week of the month following the month that the membership application is processed. (Example: The first week of February the list of new members from January is sent.)
  • Special lists are sent as requested; list of e-mail addresses only, roster of members of multiple districts to be used to promote joint meetings, etc.
  • Cheryl is also available to assist districts with some of their administrative tasks.
  • District Officers Updates: Please send your new officers and BOG representatives including terms to Cheryl Kruchten for posting to the website and other reports.
  • Elections: Headquarters can handle your district elections by using our software program. Election ballots are sent via e-mail to those with e-mail addresses and mailed to those who don't have e-mail.
  • Awards: Headquarters can produce your District's awards. Please send your requests one month prior.
  • Master Brewers logo artwork: Contact Cheryl for a copy of the logo along with usage guidelines.

District Communication & Website Services

Emma Nygren | +1.651.994.3860

District Websites: Learn how to update your district website by watching The District Officer Survival Guide. Contact us if you need assistance.

Communication: Submit all district news, events, etc. to The Mash​

District Branding & Marketing Requests

Each district has been provided a Master Brewers logo and a district logo along with a copy of the March 2018 Master Brewers Brand Guidelines. If you do not have access to these items, please contact your district officers.
For any additional marketing requests or branding questions, please contact Master Brewers at mbaa@mbaa.com.

In Person & Virtual Meeting Assistance and Online District Meeting Registrations 

Contact Master Brewers at mbaa@mbaa.com
Staff is available to help with your District's in person or virtual meetings. The meeting package documents listed below illustrate the levels of involvement staff can help with-from basic (setting up online registration and reviewing contracts) to ​​full service from your meeting's beginning to end! 

To set up online registration for your next District event, submit the completed form below to mbaa@mbaa.com. This fee-based service allows for easy credit card transactions and connects directly to Master Brewer's database. Using this service has the following advantages:
  • Eliminates paper registrations, handling checks/cash, mailing forms, etc.
  • Gives you access to a roster with attendance breakdown data (Contact info, membership, home district, etc.)
  • Simplifies updating your district email list and sending out communications about your meeting
  • Allows for automatic tiered pricing
  • Registrations can be cutoff in advance or you can allow online registration during the meeting
  • This service can also be used to collect sponsor money electronically (second form below)
  • Members prefer online registrations (fast, easy, email confirmation)

Master Brewers staff will set up your online event registration and sponsorship if needed and provide a registration link within 2 business days. You can then add the registration link to your event page (instructions here​). Just let Master Brewers staff know if you'd like to receive regular​ registration reports by email.

Recruitment of New Members

Contact Master Brewers at mbaa@mbaa.com
Did you know that the number one reason new members join Master Brewers is because someone suggested it? MBAA Districts have the unique opportunity to establish relationships with colleagues in their area, encourage them personally to join, and follow up with them. Master Brewers has resources available to assist you with recruiting new members. Contact Master Brewers Headquarters to request membership materials or give valuable feedback.

District Recruitment Tips:

  • Encourage current members in your District to bring a colleague to an upcoming meeting.
  • Refer colleagues to MBAA.com for information about the association. Forward copies of The Master Brewers Communicator to potential members and include a personal invitation to an upcoming district meeting.
  • When guests attend your district meetings, make sure to personally greet them and find out what brought them to the meeting. This information can be very helpful for finding others like them who may be interested in Master Brewers.
  • Make sure guests receive membership information sometime during the meeting. Personally encouraging them to join is the most effective method of recruitment!
  • Follow up with guests to get feedback about the meeting and once again encourage them to join Master Brewers. Personally invite them to the next meeting.
  • Send all guest information to Cheryl Kruchten at Master Brewers Headquarters and she can provide more information.
  • Keep a link to membership information on your district website.
  • If you organize an annual meeting, technical conference, or other large event, consider offering an event plus membership option.
  • People retain their membership because of personal connections they make to Master Brewers. Check in with new members periodically and make sure they feel included. Encourage them to volunteer on a committee or for district events. 
  • Promotional resources available to districts include:
    • Membership applications
    • Membership brochures
    • Membership benefit sign
If you have an idea of other promotional materials that would be useful to your district, please contact Master Brewers HQ and we’ll work together to make it happen.

Money Management

Jennifer Welinski​ | +1.651.994.3823
In an effort to help districts with banking processes, districts can have Master Brewers Headquarters handle their bank accounts. District dues collected at Headquarters will be deposited into the savings account. Quarterly statements are sent to the treasurer to keep them informed of the financial status of the district. Statements are updated between the regular quarterly statements for any meetings the district is having per requests to Jennifer.