MBAA Northern California Scholarship Application 

MBAA Northern California 2016 Scholarship Application 

In keeping with the bylaws of the MBAA of being a nonprofit (501 C3) professional, scientific organization dedicated to advance, support, and encourage scientific research into brewing malt beverages and related industries and to make that research available to the public through conventions, discussion groups, journals, publications and seminars the members of District Northern California have chosen to set up a scholarship fund to provide funds to members to pursue endeavors for the general benefit of brewing.  The funds for these scholarships come from annual dues, donations, and fundraisers.  They are a reinvestment in the future of our members and industry alike.   

FOR 2016

District Northern California is making funds available to cover the tuition to attend one of the courses offered by the MBAA. They are Brewing and Malting Science, Brewery Packaging Technology, and Brewery Engineering and Utilities Course. Please see the MBAA website for more details on these courses. 

Individuals interested in this scholarship should contact the District Northern California scholarship chair for more details as certain deadlines apply. This scholarship is available to District Northern California professional members with a minimum of one year membership within the district and two years within the industry. 

Professional Membership is defined as Individuals who possess the ability, desire, and willingness to contribute to the welfare and the stated objectives of the Association. These individuals must also meet the criteria of at least one of the following categories. a) Employed by a brewing or malting company. b) Employed by companies associated with the brewing and malting industry and directly involved with the technical, operational or service support aspects of the products and services that their companies provide to the brewing industry. c) Employed by a brewing school, consulting laboratory, or similar institution active in research or education which is directly related to brewing and malting science or technology. 


We are offering one award of $1000.00 to attend the MBAA Annual Conference in Denver, CO from August 13–17, 2016.  This award is available to District Northern California professional members with a minimum of one year membership within the district. 


In the past recipients have used their awards for a variety of courses, training, and conferences or even self-learning. Examples of courses include the MBAA HACCP training prior to CBC or WBC or White Labs Yeast Class. General scholarship funds can be used to attend another MBAA District Technical Conference.

Applications will only be accepted from MBAA District Northern California members in good standing with one year of membership.  Applications are available online at at our District Northern California page.

You must state the specific reason you are seeking funds. Awards are only to be used for stated purpose.

If awarded all payments will be in the form of reimbursements and proof of course completion will be required.

You may be asked to make a presentation to membership if appropriate.

Any misrepresentation on an application will disqualify applicant.






Please answer all of the following questions for review by the scholarship committee.

Answers are best if short and complete.

1. Date of application, your name, and contact information including address, phone number and e-mail

2. Current MBAA member (membership #, district and year joined).

3. Education:  Please provide education history from high school to present including fields of study and future plans.

4. Scholarships applied for or received, please include the year awarded.

5. Employment history for the past 5 years, including employers, dates and duties

6. Experience/employment related to malting and brewing

7. Explain why you are interested in the field of brewing and the path that got you to where you are today

8. Describe what specific expense including cost, you are requesting a scholarship for, and how this is

relevant to your career

9. List one current MBAA member who endorses you as an appropriate person to receive a

NCMBAA scholarship

10. List two personal references who understand your commitment to this industry, including name,

address, and phone or email

Email your applications in the body of an email only or any questions to: