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​​About District Mid-South​

MBAA District Mid-South is dedicated to the craft, support and service of the Brewing Industry in our region. Our membership of brewers and allied trade members extends from Arkansas to North Carolina and from Kentucky to Georgia. Please join us in celebrating our Tradition. The following pages are intended to provide our membership and guests with information about the district's upcoming activities, and provide visitors with insight into the art and science of brewing. District Mid-South is the youngest district in the nation , founded in 2007 and receiving our charter at the MBAA National conference on October 28, 2007. District Mid-South has a very rich and proud brewing culture. And what would be a District without Suppliers? Steiner Hops, Loeffler Chemical, Cargill Malting are already the first sponsors for 2009.

Regardless of the size of each brewery our members work for , each of our members brings a unique perspective and value to our gatherings. If you brew in the Mid-South region and have wondered what the MBAA is all about we'd like to invite you to join us for a meeting as our guest. We guarantee you'll have a good time and learn something at the same time!

Fred Scheer receives the MBAA Sub Charter from President Larry Sidor.

Picture by Jerry Hilton
Fred Scheer receives the MBAA Sub Charter from President Larry Sidor.


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