​District Eastern Canada​​​​

​​​Our website and associated links are intended to give our members up-to-date information about our district's upcoming events, and give visitors to our site an overview of the brewing news in our area. Our membership is comprised of people working in large brewing and packaging facilities and smaller craft brewers from the Eastern provinces of Canada.

Suppliers to our industry play a major role in our association. We organize one-day technical meetings in Montréal followed by a social event and we also organize a 2 day technical session, usually during the last week-end of July, alternating between St-John’s (NF), Halifax (NS), St-Andrew-by –the-Sea (NB) and Québec (Qc). We hold an annual golf tournament in late August.

If you'd like to learn more about brewing in the Eastern District of Canada, please join us at our next meeting or contact any of the members at the "Officers" link on the left of this page. We look forward to sharing our excitement about the brewing industry with you.​​