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Tech Now is a NEW resource which contains practical, timely, an​d historical information for brewery profe​ssionals and the allied industries. ​​​

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Content Depth​

Your search within each category of interest below will provide results in three levels of content depth, and include written, audio, video, and other mixed media formats. ​​​​


​Basic content level of knowledge presented with assumption that reader has no previous exposure. Single topic focus with emphasis upon terminology. End goal is to create "familiarity" with subject matter and to have the ability to recall these terms and concepts. An example would be: Brewing Microbiology, a review of typical organisms found within brewing systems. Type (genus/species), morphology and general laboratory taxonomic identification markers are presented.


Intermediate content level of knowledge presented with assumption that reader is familiar within a single topic focus and terminology is required for full understanding. End goal is to integrate multiple topics within a discipline (a "survey") and present limited capability to demonstrate application and synthesis of new knowledge (I understand and can apply). An example would be: Brewing Microbiology, the impact of product spoiling organisms within brewing systems. Typical harborage and identification strategies and resulting product and plant impact are investigated.​


Expert content level of knowledge. Consumer can integrate within multiple disciplines, and include capability to fully synthesise outcomes utilizing existing and new knowledge as it relates to the evaluation of systemic knowledge. End goal is to provide direction/outcomes which benefit through observation and application (I can apply, create and improve). An example would be: Brewing Microbiology, control of biologically derived flavour profiles within a brewing system. Multi-factoral assessment of known intermediates and products produced via biological acitivity and their control mechanisms are investigated.

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