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78. Identification of micro particles in complex liquid matrixes (beer)

K. MARSHALL (1); (1) VLB Berlin, Berlin, Germany.

Yeast, Fermentation, and Microbiology II
Saturday, October 10
8:30–10:15 a.m.
Grand 6–8

Undesired turbidity or particles in beverages can damage sales as well as image. Often these unwanted substances can be an indicator not only of possible contamination but also of process errors. The initial step of correcting these problems is identifying the source. Discussed here are procedures and methods at the VLB Berlin of identifying turbidity and particles in beverages using classic as well as modern methods.

A native of the United States, Kurt Marshall began his brewing career in Europe studying at the Technical University of Berlin and recieving a Diploma-Brewmaster. Kurt has been with VLB Berlin since 2009, initially in the Brewing and Beverage Science and Application Department and now with the newly established VLB Research Institute for Beer and Beverage Production under the direction of Roland Pahl. In this capacity, he is the manager of the VLB pilot brewery working on research projects, recipe development, and training and education. He is also an instructor for practical brewing and malting as well as applied arithmetic for VLB international courses.