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73. Sustainable solution for packaging hall conveyer track lubrication

F. F. REIS (1); (1) Sealed Air, São Paulo, Brazil


Breweries continue to find ways to reduce water consumption per unit of beer produced. This focus on water reduction becomes even more important if a region or country experiences a shortage of water as happened recently in Brazil. One application area where water can be saved is in the packaging hall conveyer track lubrication, where typically fatty acid lubricants are highly diluted with water and sprayed on the conveyer to reduce friction. Working jointly with the Araraquara-SP, Heineken brewery, Sealed Air trialed their SUSTAIN conveyor track program on one of their packaging lines. This program brings together new lubricant chemistry, unique dosing application equipment (Lubemaster), and Sealed Air’s technical know-how. The SUSTAIN program changes the game by revolutionizing conveyer lubrication by applying the lubricant as a highly concentrated solution compared to the existing highly dilute lubricant application. This requires a change in the application timing on the different areas of the line. This is achieved by using Sealed Air’s Lubemaster. Using the SUSTAIN program, a 70% water savings was achieved and 10% in lubricant savings. Other additional benefits brought by the unique chemistry of the SUSTAIN lubricant compared to fatty acid lubricants include: clean conveyers; no microbial growth and associated smell, little or low foam on the floor under the conveyers; improved safety from less slippery floors; lower BOD into the effluent; and aesthetically pleasing production environment. Based on these results the plant decided to let Sealed Air extend SUSTAIN to another line.

Flavio Furtado Reis graduated with a degree in biology and started industrial cleaning professionally with DiverseyLever Company in 1995. Flavio obtained a degree in brewing technology from SENAI in 2009 and, since then, has been working as an application specialist in cleaning and sanitation solutions for the brewery and beverage industries at Sealed Air.

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