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69. Weight reduction of paper-based 6-can and 24-can packages

Y. AIDA (1); (1) Kirin Company, Limited, Yokohama, Japan

Packaging (Bottles, Draft and Cans)

In Japan, paper-based packages are widely used for 6-can packs and 24-can boxes. From the viewpoint of environmental conservation, we have worked on reducing the weight of these two packages. At first, we focused on weight reducing paper area (consumption) of 6-can packs. At the same time, the new package had to be improved with regard to can holding to ensure customer handling. Therefore we added bottom locking hooks on the package. As a result, we can make the holding strength twice as strong and obtain an 8% weight reduction compared to the conventional 6-can pack. As for 24-can boxes, corrugated paper generally is used. Our company already succeeded in reducing paper weight by developing an octagonal shape, corner-cut carton, in 2004. On the other hand, when reducing paper weight, we faced problems such as appearance defects, especially in high-humidity conditions. By tucking the upper ridgeline of the box inside, we obtained a 14% weight reduction without damaging box appearance. In addition CO2 emission will be reduced by 5,300 tons per year.

Yusuke Aida graduated from Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology and obtained an M.S. degree in management of technology in 2010. Since then, Yusuke has started a business career at Kirin Brewery Company. Yusuke has worked in production management and package development.

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