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55. Succeding of fines in spent grain cakes—Truth or legend?

J. E. ENGSTLE (1), P. Först (1); (1) Technische Universität München, Chair of Process Engineering of Disperse Systems, Freising, Germany

Brewhouse Operations

Blocking behavior of spent grain cakes during lautering is a common problem in the brewing community. To prevent blocking, raking knifes are used. The standard view is that fine particles are succeding in the cake toward the false bottom and, thereby, block pores in the cake. This leads to a blocking behavior of the whole cake. But is this true? Recent work showed that there is no particulate movement relative to the cake at all. Therefore, we have to reconsider our picture of the lautering process. Data supporting the finding that there is no particulate movement is shown.

Jörg Engstle studied brewing and beverage technology in Weihenstephan. He graduated in 2012 with an engineering diploma. Since then he has been working as a doctoral candidate at the Chair of Process Engineering of Disperse Systems in Weihenstephan. His field of work covers the mash separation process, mostly via lauter tun. He also works on procedural characterization of different hop products to enable a faster matching of dry-hopping equipment to different hop styles, types, and products.

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