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24. Commercial enzymes in brewing

I. YANEZ (1); (1) DuPont Industrial Biosciences, Leiden, Netherlands

Enzymes, Finishing and Stability
Friday, October 9
8:00–9:45 a.m.
River Terrace 2

The brewing process uses a set of enzymes that naturally occurs in malt. Some of these enzymes are activated, many are used, and some are destroyed in the malting process. Various malts contain various levels of these enzymes, all leading to many of the different brew styles available today. Commercial enzyme producers have harvested much of this natural technology and packaged it for use by the brewer. These enzymes can be used to supplement the loss of enzymes in the malting process, as well as used to deal with specific issues created by crop damage, variability in the malting process, etc. In addition, these products can be used to stretch the limits of brewing and beer styles. Higher levels of low enzymatic materials like crystal malts, roasted malts, and cereal grains and adjuncts can be used to create a broad spectrum of beer styles and flavor opportunities. Higher alcohols and differing sugar spectrums are available with this technology. Beyond beer styles, these products can be used to help create process consistency and increase profitability with recovery of additional extracts. This paper reviews the various types of enzymes, their function, and potential uses, in a generic nonbranded fashion, to show the tools available to the brewing in this technology.

Iliana is a chemist, food scientist, and brewmaster. She works as global product manager for Brewing and Distilling Enzymes at DuPont. After completing her bachelor’s degree in food chemistry at UNAM in Mexico, she moved to Europe. She first lived in Germany where became a brewmaster at the VLB. She then lived in France, Ireland, and Italy where she graduated summa cum laude and obtained three MSc. diplomas from the Paris Institute of Technology, the Dublin Institute of Technology, and the University of Naples Federico II. She is Mexican and lives close to Amsterdam in the Netherlands. Iliana is curious, innovative, and loves drinking beer. The combination generates great enthusiasm with customers in her global role at DuPont.

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