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15. Ten things you need to know about your pumps

T. RAUSCH (1), M. Cartee (1); (1) M.G. Newell Corp., Greensboro, NC, U.S.A.

Engineering II
Thursday, October 8
3:45–5:00 p.m.
River Terrace 2

Pressure, friction, and flow are three important characteristics of a pump system. Pressure is the driving force responsible for the movement of the fluid, expressed as pounds per square inch (psi). Friction is the force that slows fluid particles. Flow rate is the amount of volume that is displaced per unit time, usually expressed as gallons per minute. Pumps are typically classified by the way they move fluids. For the brewing industry, we will only focus on centrifugal (or rotodynamic) pumps. This presentation will review: the basic parts of a centrifugal pump; how a centrifugal pump produces pressure; where it should be used; and how to read a pump curve.

Todd Rausch obtained his B.S. degree in food science from Purdue University and his M.S. degree in food science from North Carolina State University. After a brief internship with Master Foods in Hackettstown, NJ, Todd joined M.G. Newell Corporation in 2004 as an outside sales representative. He focuses his technical expertise on biopharma, wine, and beer processing.

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