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14. Minimize O2 pickup from fermenter to bottle with portable and inline instrumentation

L. ERDODY (1), J. Tocio (2); (1) Florida Beer, Cape Canaveral, FL, U.S.A.; (2) Pentair, Delavan, WI, U.S.A.

Brewhouse Operations I
Thursday, October 8
1:45–3:30 p.m.
Grand 6–8

The biggest enemy of beer that causes rapid decline in quality and taste is O2. Together with the content of dissolved CO2, O2 plays a critical role in how the consumer enjoys beer during its complete shelf life. For growing craft brewers, advanced O2 measuring technology allows them to pinpoint issues that could negatively impact product quality. The principle of measurement is based on the effect of dynamic luminescence quenching by molecular oxygen. This measurement principle provides long-term stability, high accuracy at low O2 values, and quick response time. In combination with CO2 measurement, this O2 measurement enables breweries to control the two most important gases in a very efficient manner with the use of only one instrument. This presentation will present an overview and case study of a 50,000+ barrel craft brewer’s initial experience with a portable O2/CO2 measurement instrument and the process improvements that were quickly made with the tool that led to better product quality. Comparison of portable grab sample measurement versus in-line process monitoring for O2/CO2 management in the brewery process will be made. Learning objectives: identify easy wins for improvements in O2/CO2 management; highlight areas where use of portable equipment is sufficient and areas where use of in-line instrumentation makes sense; and share best practices.

Luke Erdody has been the director of brewery operations at Florida Beer Company in Cape Canaveral, FL, since October 2013. Previously he was head brewer at Gordon Biersch (2009–2013). He has been brewing beer since 1999 and has worked in Australia with the Burleigh Brewing Company, where he was involved in advanced yeast management, lab work, and bottling in a production environment. Luke is a member of the Institute of Brewing & Distilling and MBAA. He holds a B.A. degree from the State University New York at New Paltz and has a diploma in brewing from the Institute of Brewing & Distilling.

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