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P-70. Brew water treatment—Chemical reduced process

Presenter: Henri Fischer, Krones Inc., Franklin, WI
Coauthor: Fred Scheer, Krones Inc., Franklin, WI

Water quality is one of the single most important factors for beverages. Making up over 80% of the product itself and having contact with the product during processing, there is an increasing focus on the microbiological quality of the water used in product processing. Since there is a formation of unwanted by-products when using chlorine as a disinfectant, one modern philosophy is a chlorine-free process.

Henri Fischer, brewmaster, has been the product manager of Process Technology at Krones, Inc., Franklin, WI, since 2013. Henri was team manager of the Process Technology 2 Division at Krones AG, Germany, until 2012. He worked in the Technology Department of Steinecker, Germany, until 2006. Henri conducted his brewmaster studies at TUM Weihenstephan and Doemens Academy, Germany, finishing in 2003. He completed brewer and maltster training and was a brewer in a German brewery (Freiberger Brauhaus AG) from 1993 to 1998.

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