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P-53. Capital projects—From vision to completion

Presenter: Anders Hummer, ICC Inc., St. Louis, MO

Since the early days of industrial brewing operations brewers have been faced with the challenges of converting their visions of capital projects into successful project completion. This is relevant for both expansion and replacement projects and also is relevant for small breweries to large mega plants. The challenge is multi-functional, and the variables are complex, such as in-house capability, previous project experience, project time versus cost, and relationship to third-party stakeholders, but also carry a great amount of subjective belief. The presentation will elaborate on a comparative analysis of various project execution methodologies and provide pros and cons for various scenarios. The presentation will also draw upon a global network of brewery capital project specialists in order to add a cultural element to the analysis from the five main continents where capital projects take place. The presentation will not make any specific recommendation but will bring audience members into a position where they can decide what will make sense for their individual needs. Finally, comparative analysis will show an academic approach to how the right methodology can be described as a function of internal competence and number of project units.

Anders Hummer, who is a partner of ICC Inc., draws on more than 20 years of international management and consulting experience and is educated in chemical engineering, master brewing, and business administration. Previous employment includes a partner position in Alfred Jørgensen Laboratory and international management positions at Danbrew. Anders also obtained management experience from Carlsberg Breweries and GlobalBrewer.

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