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O-43. Evaluation of the brewing properties of the new German hop varieties

Presenter: Andreas Gahr, Hopfenveredlung St. Johann GmbH & Co. KG, Train-St. Johann, Germany
Coauthor: Adrian Forster, HVG Hopfenverwertungsgenossenschaft e.G., Wolnzach, Germany

The brewing properties of new hop varieties, once registered, are mostly evaluated empirically, although systematic trials are often missing. This applies also to four new German varieties, the so-called “flavor hops”: Mandarina Bavaria, Polaris, Huell Melon, and Hallertau Blanc. The 2012 crop is the first crop to provide hops from the four new varieties from mature plants harvested using standard picking methods. These were used to conduct all malt lager brewing trials with brews of 2 hL each together with established varieties. Apart from an extensive analytical characterization of all hop-relevant ingredients in hops and beers, sensory evaluations also were performed. The results cover the following principal points: the general brewing properties of the hops, particularly their influence on bitterness and the flavor of single-variety beers; the character and suitability of the varieties for dry-hopping and comparison to their late-hop aroma; comparison of aroma, flavor, and bitterness of the new varieties to their established counterparts (late- and dry-hopping); the stability of late- and dry-hop aroma; and the transfer rates of aroma substances and polyphenols from hops to beer (late- and dry-hopping).

Andreas Gahr was trained on the job as a brewer and maltster at the Augustiner Brewery, Munich, Germany. He received a brewmaster degree from the Technical University Munich- Weihenstephan in 1994 and worked for another four years at the university for the Chair of Brewing Technology I. Since 1998 Andreas has been the head of the Research Brewery St. Johann, which belongs to the hop processing company Hopfenveredlung St. Johann GmbH & Co. KG and deals with all kinds of hop-related brewing trials and product development, as well as technological and raw material trials for suppliers and the entire brewing industry. Together with his co-authors he received the MBAA Inge Russell Best Paper Award in 2010.

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