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O-37. Relationships between dry hopped beers and diacetyl formation

Presenter: Kara M. Taylor, White Labs, Inc., San Diego, CA

Far too often people are encountering diacetyl in beers made today. Many times, diacetyl is found in beers that should stylistically have zero: pale ales, India pale ales, and double IPAs. This style of beer, typically fermented with a clean profile yeast strain, should have no diacetyl present, and yet more and more cases are being found with a plethora of diacetyl. One untested theory of the source of excess diacetyl is the relationship between the fermentation and the addition of hops after fermentation begins. What is the interaction between added hops and krausen? Are hops helping with the transition from acetolactate to diacetyl? Using controlled fermentations and gas chromatography, we can make some determinations about when diacetyl is forming and suggest how it can be prevented in dry-hopped beers.

Kara Taylor received a B.S. degree in biology from Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles, CA. She began employment at White Labs in San Diego, CA, in 2009 as a yeast laboratory technician. Since 2011, she has functioned as the analytical laboratory specialist in White Lab’s analytical laboratory. She is a member of MBAA and ASBC and serves on multiple subcommittees.

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