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O-36. Innovations in antimicrobial tubing eliminate bacteria and biofilm growth in closed draught systems and brewery environments

Presenter: Greg Kinney, Eldon James Corp., Denver, CO
Coauthor: Bill A. Coulson, Eldon James Corp., Denver, CO

In the brewing environment, there are a few microorganisms capable of growing in and deteriorating beer. Four industry isolates were found to be most common in the formation of biofilm in beer dispensing and brewing environments. These include Acetobacter lovaniensis, Wickerhamomyces anomalus, Lactobacillus brevis, and Pseudomonas aeruginosa. The presence of these beer spoilers gives insight into the hygiene conditions of a brewery or dispensing system. Biofilm growth is common on equipment components and in niches that are difficult to clean. They come in contact with the product and provide ideal growth conditions for a multitude of germs that affect flavor, aroma, and the overall quality of beer. Utilizing a breakthrough in silver ion technology, a newly developed PVCfree tubing co-extruded with a silver lining has been verified to be effective against these top four beer-spoiling bacteria and the growth of biofilm. Third-party test results have proven that this new innovation is capable of reducing the concentration of all the selected biofilm microorganisms by up to 100% over a 24 hr test period.

Gregory W. Kinney has been with the Eldon James Corporation for one year. His primary role has been to expand precision manufacturing to the food and beverage markets. Greg has seven years of experience in the beer industry, with a deep knowledge of draught systems and quality challenges for on- and off-premise accounts. He has served in many roles, including draught system quality assurance, brand development, and sales management.

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