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O-23. VeSave solution to reuse wastewater as technical water and save a significant amount of money

Presenter: Jens S. Krogh, DWE A/S, Vejle, Denmark

Water/wastewater utilization with VeSave solutions concept is discussed. Saving of water by using wastewater as technical water. Wastewater without any vira, bacteria, or suspended solids to be used as technical water in various areas of the brewery to optimize potable water usage consumption, as well as reduce utility costs. Test case done on a 4 million hL brewery that saved US$3 million per year with a capital expenditure investment of US$1.5 million, giving a simple pay back on investment in 6–8 months. Based on optimization of water balance in a brewery, it was identified where to use recovered clean wastewater as technical water and, thereby, save the cost for usage of water, as well as the cost for treatment and discharge of wastewater.

J. S. Krogh is CEO and founder of companies specializing in energy saving and value engineering.

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