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O-19. The algebra of sustainability: Technical metrics for the brewery

Presenter: Jaime Jurado, Susquehanna Brewing Co., Pittston, PA

An infrequently tested proposition from economics is that competitive pressure will force breweries to be efficient. Key ratios and sustainable development indicators (SDI) help focus an approach to sustainability into real and quantifiable action. An attempt to create an aggregate measure of various aspects of sustainability suggests a profile of indices that provide a technical perspective that is global, like world-class manufacturing, but with transparent numerical quantification. By excluding social factors, often a key part of sustainability considerations (i.e., community involvement), the role of the brewer in candidly calculating and presenting SDIs is made easier and clear. Key ratios such as MJ/hL, g of CO2/L, or hL of water/hL of finished beer help the brewery understand basic primary resource drivers of the enterprise and, if metered sufficiently, of the underlying unit operations within the enterprise. A family of key ratios comprise a new aggregate SDI, which is framed on simple math that demystifies the novel metric, and in which specific sustainable developments at breweries can be seen to influence the SDI. The desired result is that competitive pressure in reducing SDI will motivate breweries to commit to more-sustainable investments in their production operations. Independent craft breweries have supported this development work with travel grants for the presenter to obtain order-of-magnitude scaling data.

Jaime Jurado served as MBAA President in 2005 following service as the editorial board chair of the Technical Quarterly. With an undergraduate chemical engineering degree, Jaime’s brewing career commenced formally after he completed a brewing apprenticeship in the Bavarian breweries of Patrizier- Bräu AG in 1983. Jaime spent 1984 and 1985 working as a project engineer in the London brewery of Truman, Hanbury & Buxton and at the Smithwick brewery in Ireland. He was hired as an assistant brewmaster at The Lion Brewery in Wilkes-Barre (the company which would fund his M.S. degree in electrical engineering). Jaime advanced to the role of master brewer at the brewery and then moved on to a management opportunity at Courage Brewing Ltd. After two years, he reduced his employment to part-time to study and perform research in the Department of Engineering Science at Oxford University, where his research resulted in several publications. He was recruited by Stroh for a new brewery in Rajasthan, India, and other projects. He departed Stroh to become the director of brewing operations at The Gambrinus Company breweries, where he stayed for nearly 15 years. He completed an 18 month “working sabbatical” to design, procure, and commission a new small regional brewery using novel technologies aligned with sustainable explorations across the enterprise. He also provided engineering support for the Dingle Distillery in Ireland. Jaime currently is doing engineering consulting work and planning for a new adventure

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