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O-14. Monitoring the cleaning and sterilization of kegs

Presenter: Chris Nimptsch, Profamo Inc., Rancho Palos Verdes, CA

The cleaning and sterilization of kegs is a critical component of any brewery’s microbiological QA and program. However, automated keg lines are black boxes for most brewers, and pulling microsamples is a long and complicated process with many opportunities for false results. As such, it is very important to be able to monitor the keg line’s cleaning and sterilization efficiency with a simple and accurate monitor. Electronic test kegs afford the user a way of monitoring these processes. Data collected from an electronic test keg on various keg lines will be analyzed. Solutions to common problems will be discussed, as will best practices. A focus will be placed on the importance of high-pressure saturated steam to ensure sterilization of kegs.

Chris Nimptsch, president of Profamo Inc., has been a member of both MBAA and ASBC since 1994. He made presentations on keg line operations at the 2008 World Brewing Congress and the 2013 Craft Brewers Conference. Chris has a B.S. degree from McGill University in Montreal, Canada; a law degree from the University of Ottawa in Ottawa, Canada; and is a graduate of the Siebel Institute of Technology. After practicing law for seven long, boring years, Chris finally came to his senses and started working in the brewing industry (his true love) when he joined the family business in 1994. Profamo Inc., has been a supplier of QA and process control equipment to the brewing industry since 1976 and now represents 12 manufacturers from all over the world.

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