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O-13. Validation concepts for foam cleaning systems in the brewery

Presenter: Roland Folz, Versuchs- und Lehranstalt für Brauerei in Berlin (VLB), Berlin, Germany

Long-term studies to investigate the performance and effectiveness of foam cleaning and disinfection in brewing and packaging operations by VLB together with the industry has led to a further control point definition to create a microbiological firewall on-line in the process. Trials performed in pilot scale as well as in industrial applications led to two developments to better classify, control, and document results during foam application. CIP and COP procedures are compared, especially in the crucial process of outer filler cleaning. Foam classes are defined that build the background for an apparative set-up, which releases an optical signal to classify the foam based on cluster analysis before being applied. Further developments alternate the foam chemistry itself to combine the goal of cleaning directly with an indicator that visually validates the effect regarding organic residues based on a permanganate reaction by a color change. During these developments, existing retention test media were compared and led to a new standard staining method in order to describe the sensitivity of the methods. Through the synergy of the new validation developments the author will create a holistic view of the application of foam cleaning in the brewing industry in order to enhance quality transformation goals by on-line validation results.

In his executive function as head of the VLB Department of Brewing & Beverage Science and Applications (BBSA), Roland Folz is involved in driving forward the process of VLB’s internationalization. VLB is a German independent research institute and service provider for the brewing and beverage industries. Roland has built up his brewing career from scratch, starting with his technical apprenticeship as a brewer and maltster at the Beck’s brewery up to his doctorate degree with a thesis on flavor stability and PET topics. In between he has been technical director for the Preussen Pils brewery and plant manager for the Oettinger Group. Under Roland’s leadership the BBSA at VLB-Berlin has become an international provider of mission-orientated research and solutions regarding technological topics, global consultancies, and international training courses. With his team of experienced engineers, Roland is working on sustainable developments for the brewing industry, future brewing streams, and fermentation and applied microbiological concepts and control mechanisms. Roland is active on the Board of Examiners of IBD (Institute of Brewing and Distilling) and is heading the Working Group for Inline Measurement Techniques of MEBAK (Middle European Brewing Analysis Committee). Furthermore, he is a member of ISBT (International Society of Beverage Technologists), MBAA, and ASBC.

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