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O-12. Critical review of different sensory methods

Presenter: Martin Zarnkow, Technische Universität München, Freising, Germany

This project covers the following areas: sensory analysis of beer and statistical evaluation of sensory test results. The aim was to develop a model that is appropriate to compare different sensory methodologies. The model is based on a modified ranking method. Within this work, three panels performed three difference tests. The stimuli in each test consisted of pale lager with different amounts of diacetyl. First the panel judges had to check the homogeneity for sensory materials. This test combines a ranking test according to ISO 8587:2006 with an intensity measurement. Afterward the panels carried out triangle tests according to ISO 4120:2004 and paired comparison tests according to ISO 5495:2007. It could be shown that a paired comparison test is more sensitive than a triangle test. The ranking test seemed to be the most difficult test in the case of finding differences between samples. Initial weights and distributions of samples can be computed with the model, and the boundary of two different samples can be defined. In these, judges should be able to discriminate them. The model can also be used to control a sample production for sensory analysis. The function of the model was proofed and validated. It can be used for each sample material. In addition an assumption was made to describe the difficulty of difference tests. In this way a comparison of tests is possible.

Martin Zarnkow apprenticed as a brewer and maltster from 1989 to 1991 at a small brewery in Frankonia. Martin graduated with a Dipl.-Ing. (FH) degree, with brewing technology option, in 1996 from TU München Weihenstephan. Martin then worked as a brewmaster for one year in a mediumsized brewery in Germany. Since 1997 he has been the head of the research group for beer and beverage technologies at the Lehrstuhl für Brau- und Getränketechnologie (institute for beer and beverage technology) at TU München in Weihenstephan. In 2010 his finished his external Ph.D. research at the University College of Cork, Ireland, on the subject “Proso Millet (Panicum miliaceum L.): A Sustainable Raw Material for the Malting and Brewing Process."

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