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O-7. Keg manufacturing standards

Presenter: Mark S. Carpenter, Franke Beverage Systems, LaVergne, TN

Keg manufacturing standards in the United States (no documented standard), the United Kingdom (BFBi standard), and Germany (DIN standard) are discussed. This paper was written in response to dozens of inquiries regarding the internal pressure tolerance of stainless-steel kegs following the Red Hook incident. It explains what happens when a stainless-steel keg ruptures (including multiple photos), the safety features unique to the standard North American keg, and testing methods.

Mark Carpenter began working for Franke Beverage Systems in 2009. One of his first tasks at Franke was to develop keg service and repair capabilities, which allowed him to observe every conceivable keg failure mode and their respective results. In addition, as a part of Franke’s Global Network Keg Services (GNKS), Mark regularly meets with other GNKS members from the United Kingdom, Germany, Czech Republic, and Poland to discuss keg repair techniques, failure modes, handling methods, and logistics.

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