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O-4. Factors and new approaches for optimizing lautering operations

Presenter: Travis Audet, AB InBev, St. Louis, MO

Use of lauter tuns for wort separation is an essential step in the recovery of extract converted in the mashing process. The factors affecting lautering are vast, and often only a few fundamental factors are considered. The presentation will first examine pre-lauter tun factors that can have a significant effect on extract efficiency. The presentation will then outline factors involved in the actual lautering process that affect extract efficiency. Finally, a review of innovative approaches to the operation of lauter tubs and resulting improvements in performance will be considered. For all parts of the presentation examples from Anheuser-Busch InBev lauter tun installations will be used.

Travis Audet has been brewing professionally since 1994 and has been a proud member of MBAA since 1997. He has worked in brew pubs, craft breweries, brewing research and development, and regional breweries in both Canada and the United States. Currently, Travis is a brewing specialist for Anheuser-Busch InBev (AB-I) based in St. Louis, MO. In his current role, he serves breweries in the AB-I North American zone, assisting in process improvement and optimization in all areas of brewing from raw materials to bright beer tanks. Travis has a degree in natural resources from the University of Maine, holds an Institute of Brewing and Distilling Diploma Brewer Certification, and is a current candidate for the Master Brewer Certification. In service to MBAA, Travis has held multiple voluntary roles, including district officer positions, Membership Committee chair, Board of Governors representative, and, currently, Education Committee chair.

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