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P-45. Comparison of utilization of different hop products using a newly developed hop yield enhancer

Presenter: Christina Schönberger, Barth Haas Group. Coauthor(s): Marcus Hertel, Hertel GmbH.

This work presents the possibility to increase the utilization of hop pellets in brewing with a newly developed hop yield enhancer. The effective increase can be attributed to the optimization of various process parameters as the increase of exchange surface with the hop product and higher temperatures for an effective isomerization resulting in a higher isomerization gradient. Thus, clearly more of the added bitter acids can stay solute until the final beer (nearly no losses due to the pH drop during fermentation). Ongoing comparative trials now confirm the suitability of the hop yield enhancer for different hop products as hop pellets and hop extracts. In addition, boiling times can be reduced significantly due to the higher isomerization gradient and, thus, the higher polarity (faster extraction of bitter acids out of the hop product into wort) while using the new apparatus. As in this case the isomerization of bitter acids is not a limiting factor for the reduction of wort boiling times anymore, this goes along with an improved wort quality in regard to thermal load. The hitherto gained results with this new technique will be presented.

Christina Schönberger studied brewing and beverage technology at the Technische Universität München-Weihenstephan, Germany (1995–1999), graduating as an engineer in 1999. She pursued her doctoral thesis work at the Chair of Brewing Technology I on "Sensory and Analytical Characterisation of Non-volatile Taste Compounds in Bottom Fermented Beers," graduating summa cum laude in December 2003. After working for the Berman Brewers Association for a year as a consultant for technical and governmental issues, she joined the Barth Haas Group in 2005 as manager of technical Sales. Within this role she is also responsible for the guidance of research projects and authors hop-related professional articles.