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O-20. Tracing current developments in beer filtration and stabilization

Presenter: Roland Folz, VLB-Berlin, Germany.

A long-term study to investigate the performance and technological behavior of different filtration and stabilization innovations in the brewing world was carried out by VLB-Berlin. The trials were performed in pilot scale, as well as in industrial applications. Results will be presented on the use of cross-flow membrane filtration, Crosspure filtration and stabilization, CSS stabilization, tannin stabilization, and the creation of a stabilization kinetic. As stabilizing in the cross-flow membrane process is still an unsolved challenge, VLB is running a research project to create new opportunities using the principle of ligand excess. Some of the results refer to this project, as, for example, the new model of stabilization kinetics for different beer matrix. The Crosspure combined stabilization and filtration process has been evaluated in a German brewery meeting the demands of a technical approval test. The analytical and technical results will be presented. The CSS system has become popular as a continuous running stabilization device. A field study with a German brewery shows a pH shift that was traced by ion chromatography to solve the phenomena. Furthermore, as the use of isinglass will soon have to be stated on the label, purified tannic acids have been tested as a possible alternative. The author will create a holistic view on innovations that are currently discussed, as well as possibilities that have recently become commercially available to the brewing industry in order to help brand owners decide on new possibilities based on independent technological results.

Roland Folz apprenticed as a brewer and maltster at the Beck’s Brewery in Bremen, Germany. After working for an additional year at the Beck’s brewery, he started his studies in Berlin and received a diploma engineer degree in brewing technology from the Technical University, Berlin. After graduation, he was employed as head of the Technical Department/Production at the Preussen Pils brewery in Pritzwalk, Germany, for two years. In October 2006, he started working at VLB-Berlin as a global consultant for brewing and beverage technology, he did his Ph.D. research on flavor stability and PET topics. Since autumn 2008, Roland has been head of the Brewing & Beverage Technology and Applications Department at the VLB-Berlin. This department includes the education and teaching section of VLB, as well as the research activities regarding technological topics, global consulting, analytics, and services.