Brewing Education Financial Assistance

MBAA District Texas encourages its members to pursue brewing related educational opportunities whenever possible. Brewing science and related fields have technologies that change and improve year after year. In order for each of us to stay competitive and self improve continuous education is a must

$ 4,000 Award

District Texas will assist one member per year improve their knowledge in brewing or a related field. An annual certificate redeemable for $4,000 will be presented during each spring meeting. The $4,000 will be distributed upon proof of successful completion of the approved course.

Course Selections

A course in any applicable field related to brewing science is acceptable. Topics in malting, brewing, microbiology, sensory, engineering, statistics and laboratory skills to name a few are acceptable. The Master Brewers Association of the America’s offers several excellent educational opportunities in brewing and packaging. See the MBAA web page for more details. A few other common brewing educational institutions include the World Brewing Academy, Siebels, American Brewers Guild and UC Davis.

There are also many local colleges that offer applicable microbiological, food safety or industrial process classes which may qualify for the assistance.

Award Requirements

  • Recipient must be an active member of the MBAA – District Texas, and be in good standing with the district for 2 years.
  • Recipient must have 5 years of industry experience.
  • Course contents must be relevant to the brewing industry.
  • Recipient must complete the form and submit it to the District Texas – Vice President no later than February 1st.
  • District Texas Executive group will evaluate each request for relevance and eligibility.
  • One or more awards will be given per year.
  • Formal responses will be provided to all submissions by March 1st.