‚ÄčAugust Schell Brewing Company - May 12, 2010

Meeting Minutes of District St. Paul/Mpls Meeting
May 12, 2010

  • Chris German called the meeting to order and welcomed members and guests. Chris also thanked the August Schell Brewing Company (Ted and Jodi Marti specifically) for hosting the meeting.
  • Mike Miziorko read the minutes of the February meeting. Motion to accept, 2nd, and approved.
  • A brief discussion of old business took place as Joel Carlson, a 2009 Scholarship recipient, gave an account of his coursework at the Siebel Institute of Technology.
  • Rebecca Jennings gave the Treasurer's Report. Motion to accept, 2nd, and approved.
  • A Communications Report was given by Chirs German-

  • In National level communications:

    • It was mentioned that the National level membership promotion of 3years for $233 was extended through June 2010
    • The MBAA Hospitality suite at the 2010 Craft Brewers' Convention was also mentioned; the suite was quite successful as it attracted 250 attendees, generated 15 new memberships and served 47 cases of beer.

    In Local level communications:

    • Notifications for past due members were made.
    • The annual District Golf outing was announced- it will take place on Tues. August 17th at New Ulm Country Club. Tee Time is 2:00 PM. The golf outing will be followed by a dinner at the August Schell Brewing Company.
    • The District Summer Social was announced: it will take place on Friday July 30th from 5PM until dark at Hyland Lake Park and reserve in Bloomington in the Sunnyside picnic pavilion; an open invitation to district members and their families was issued.
    • Finally, it was noted among the membership that there were no condolences to be made at that time.

Committee Reports:

  • Technical Committee:
    The Midwest Technical Conference is scheduled for November 12-13 and is to be held at the Summit Brewing Company. Technical Committee members as of 5/12 were: Chris German, Rebecca Jennings, Mike Miziorko, Chad Thompson and Nancy Schmitz.
  • Scholarship Committee:
    It has been resolved that no scholarships will be offered in 2010, the goal is to allow the Scholarship Fund to grow so that the District can offer Scholarships in larger amounts for 2011.

New Business:

  • The invitation to the membership for the Summer Social was reiterated as were the details of the social.
  • The Brewing Summit (joint ASBC and MBAA national conventions) was mentioned, it will take place from 6/15-6/20 with the MBAA portion taking place from 6/17-6/20
  • The Brewing and Malting Science course hosted at the University of Wisconsin from 10/31-11/11 was also mentioned.

Upcoming Meetings:

  • The next District meeting was scheduled for Weds. 8/11 2010 hosted by BASF
    BASF requested a change of date and venue to Thurs. 8/12 and to Canterbury Park as a result of the strict BASF alcohol policy, also to provide the membership with an opportunity to enjoy the horse races following the meeting. Tours of the BASF facilities will still be available from 4-5 PM. A presentation will be made by BASF
  • The November meeting will be held concurrently with the Midwest Technical Conference on Friday November 12th and will be hosted by the Summit Brewing Company
  • A motion to adjourn the meeting was made, 2nd and approved
  • A technical presentation on Bio-Glucanase TX and its effects on lautering and filtration was made by John Andrew of the Rahr Malting Company
  • A wonderful Steak dinner, provided by the August Schell Brewing Company, followed the meeting.