​District Meeting - February 10, 2010

Meeting Minutes of District St. Paul/Mpls Meeting
February 10, 2010

  • Chris German called the meeting to order and welcomed members and guests. Chris also thanked Ecolab for hosting the meeting.
  • Mike Miziorko read the minutes of the November meeting. Motion to accept, 2nd, and approved.
  • Chris German gave the Treasurer’s Report in Rebecca Jennings’ absence. Motion to accept, 2nd, and approved.
  • Committee reports:
    • Golf Committee Chair Tom Kaehler had nothing to report at the time.
    • Scholarship Committee Chair Damian McConn asked 2009 Scholarship Awardees to report on coursework completed at the Siebel Institute of Technology:
      • Tim Roser gave a brief animated and detailed account of his experiences at Siebel’s Sensory Analysis and Master of Beer Styles courses.
      • Joel Carlson was not present to report.
    • Board of Governors Representative Bob DuVernois was not present to report.
  • Condolences: none to report
  • Old Business: none
  • New Business:
    • Larry Chase spoke briefly on his resignation of the District Presidency following his acceptance of a position at the Standing Stone Brewing Co. in Ashland, OR. ; District Presidential duties will be absorbed by the three remaining members of the 2010 executive board.
    • Midwest Technical Conference: To be hosted by Summit Brewing Co. Nov. 12th -13th 2010. A call for volunteer committee members was issued.
    • It was announced that the Fall meeting will be moved from September to August and that a host location was still needed.
    • It was announced that the district social would be postponed until sometime in the summer to allow for better weather and possibly an outdoor social event.
    • The MBAA Brewery Packaging Technology Course from March 7-18th was announced.
    • The MBAA Hospitality Suite at the 2010 Craft Brewer’s Conference in Chicago was mentioned.
  • Motion to adjourn the meeting was made was made. The meeting was followed by an Introduction to Ecolab made by Neil Kucker and then by presentations on Scanning Electron and Digital Microscopy, titled Let’s get small, made by David Burleson PhD. and Tom Boufford. The presentations were followed by a wonderful Italian style dinner.

Mike Miziorko (Secretary)