​District St. Paul - Minneapolis History

The following excerpts were taken from a translation of the original minutes as recorded in the meeting minute book at the time of the organization of District St. Paul-Minneapolis, said minutes being recorded in German and kept in this fashion until December 10, 1927.

After a meeting held on November 23, 1907, at the Jacob Schmidt Brewery, by colleagues from the Twin Cities to organize a Brewmasters' Society of Minnesota and surrounding territory, John Aubele was elected to accept applications from out of town brewers at a second meeting held December 14, 1907, at the Minneapolis Brewing Company. The following colleagues were present: Armin Neubert, Xavier Bauer, Joseph Dinzl, Paul Sukey, Leonard Scholl, William Figge and John Aubele. The following colleagues made application to join the new society: John Hauenstein, John Joseph Ditz, Joe Hamin, Frank Wochner, F. Hass Jr., Max Lossen, John Beerhalter, John Lingelbach, E.A. Koenig and Louis Yoerg.

The District was organized at this meeting on December 14, 1907, after a motion was made by Paul Sukey and seconded by Armin Neubert. The first officers elected were:

Armin Neubert    President
John Hauenstein, Jr.    Vice-President
John Aubele    Secretary
William Figge    Treasurer

After a motion made by Paul Sukey the new organization was named, "The Brewmasters' Association of the Barley Belt".

A toast of three time "Hoch" with a glass of well known Golden Grain Belt Beer was made to the new organization.

Thus was District St. Paul-Minneapolis founded.

At a meeting held February 22, 1908, the name was changed to "Northwestern Braumeisters' Verein", and was so identified until February 12, 1916 at which time the name was changed to its present designation, "District St. Paul-Minneapolis MBAA". It is presumed that is was at this time that this District received its formal charter from the National Association.

With the advent of prohibition there were 44 active members in the District. Under the leadership of John Aubele, R. B. Zimmerman, Joseph Dinzl, William Figge, Karl Gluek, Alvin Gluek, Louis Yoerg and Les Voell the District kept active during the trying times of prohibition but at the time of repeal there were only 10 active members listed on the roster.

Minnesota was a little slow repealing its dry laws and therefore the District did not celebrate its Silver Anniversary until April 1934. The District celebrated its 50th Anniversary in December 1957, at the Minneapolis Brewing Company, the site of its original founding.

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