2014 District NW GABF Medal Winners​​​​​​​​​​

Alaska (2)

-Alaska / Smoked Porter (Bronze)
-Broken Tooth / Darth Delerium (Bronze)

Idaho (3)

-Grand Teton / BAle 208 (Silver)
-Kootenai River / McGreagor Scottish (Bronze)
-Sockeye / Power House Porter (Bronze)

Oregon (22)

-10 Barrel / P2P (Bronze)
-10 Barrel / Amber Waves (Bronze)
-10 Barrel / Cucuber Crush (Gold)
-13 Virtues / Weizenbock (Silver)
-Arch Rock / Gold Beach (Gold)
-Barley Brown's / Turmoil (Bronze)
-Barley Brown's / Disorder (Silver)
-Barley Brown's / Fresh Hop Pallet Jack (Gold)
-Barley Brown's / Hand Truch Pale (Gold)
-Bayou / Dunkel (Silver)
-Bend / Salmonberry Sour (Gold)
-Breakside / Breakside IPA (Gold)
-Breakside / Wanderlust IPA (Bronze)
-Commons / Myrtle (Silver)
-Deschutes / Sage Fight IPA (Bronze)
-Ground Breaker / Dark Ale (Gold)
-Logsdon / Peche 'n Brett (Silver)
-Old Town / Kolsch (Silver)
-Pelican / Poire du Pelican (Bronze)
-Pelican / Surfer's Summer (Bronze)
-Widmer / Hefeweizen (Silver)

Montana (6)

-Uberbrew / Black Hops Tactical IPA (Silver)
-Draught Works / Scepter Head (Gold)
-Great Northern / Wheatfish (Bronze)
-Lewis and Clark / Back Country Scottish (Silver)
-Lewis and Clark / Tumbleweed IPA (Gold)
-Montana Brewing / Whitetail Wheat (Gold)

Washington (9)

-Airways / Pre-Flight Pilsner (Gold)
-Chuckanut / Dunkel (Gold)
-Fremont / Dark Star (Silver)
-Fremont / Summer Ale (Silver)
-Propolis / Beltrane (Gold)
-Sound / Dubbel Entendre (Bronze)
-Silver City / Old Scrooge (Silver)
-Pyramid / Apricot Ale (Gold)
-White Bluffs / Red Alt (Gold)

Very Small Brewing Company and Very Small Brewing Company Brewer of the Year
-Draught Works / Missoula, MT
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