Our History


The initial idea to put together a resource to help brewers establish a food safety program for their brewery was born from the understanding that food safety is becoming an increasingly important part of a brewery’s responsibility to their customers and employees. Increased government and third party oversight of the industry is on the horizon and the MBAA wants to be on the leading edge of standardizing the food safety guidelines for the industry.

Early frustrations with brewery inspections using standards built for other, more at risk sections for the Food Industry led the MBAA to form a task force to organize resources that can help brewers develop and adopt individualized food safety programs that are backed by industry experience and research. What you will find are the basic document templates that you need to establish a basic food safety program. All the basic resources are here, however you must customize them to fit your brewery’s unique characteristics. The program is intended to grow and improve as feedback is received and additional supporting documents are sourced.