Special Edition Publications Found!

In the October 2013 issue of our Communicator, I asked our entire membership for help in locating two very important MBAA publications. Both are “special edition” publications quite critical for establishing a baseline history of each of our local districts. One celebrates MBAA's 75th anniversary, and the other celebrates our 100th anniversary. Both publications include short, summary histories of many of our local districts. You might recall that my wife and I made the 10-hour journey from our home in Columbus, Ohio, to Iowa State University, which houses our MBAA archives and historical documents. I was hoping to view the content of each of these elusive gems. After an exhaustive effort, and much to my horror, I found neither publication included. Hence, my frantic plea for help!

I am thrilled to report that longtime MBAA member and Past President Ray Klimovitz (1997–1998) responded to my request and promptly sent me BOTH publications. I have them, on loan, from his personal collection. I now know that the 1962 document was a special edition of our Communications (which evolved into The MBAA Communicator), and the 1987 document was a specially published centennial booklet. The front cover of each of these treasures is shown below.


Now home from the MBAA Annual Conference in Austin, Texas, I will begin the combined process of scanning and photographing both documents. They will be preserved. I will also reach out to Iowa State University and solicit their advice on how to include both publications in our historical archives. And finally, I can begin the process of combining each available 1962 and 1987 district history into a single, viable whole. This begins the daunting task of attempting to provide a baseline history from which each district can begin, and continue, to build.


Rick Seemueller