Finding Memories in Cincinnati

FromtheHeritageChair4-2012.jpgI was recently presenting at a Beer Steward CertificationProgram event in North Carolina. During a break, I was approached by Larry Wetterer, who was excited to share with me that he was a descendent of John Wetterer, who founded the Germania Brewery in Cincinnati in the 1880s, later renamed the Wetterer Brewery around 1902. Larry enthusiastically talked about his personal memorabilia, and even offered to share some of it with me!
My discussions with Larry prompted me to do just a little digging.
  • I found a listing for the Wetterer Brewery in the 1918 “Brewer’s Handbook.”
  • The Wetterer Brewery is referenced in Cincinnati Breweries by Robert Wimberg.
  • The “Brewery District Community Urban Redevelopment Corporation” in Cincinnati lists the original Wetterer Brewery building as “still standing.”
  • The Hudepohl 14K Brewery Run to be held in Cincinnati this coming September lists the Wetterer Residence as a landmark to see on the race route.

Both Wetterer buildings are located in the area of Cincinnati known as FromtheHeritageChair4-2012-2.jpg“Over-the-Rhine.” The Germans who immigrated to Cincinnati in the mid 1800s recognized the similarities of Cincinnati and their old-world homeland, named the area “Over-the-Rhine”, and built a profitable brewing industry there. To this day, the Over-the-Rhine Brewery District showcases a large number of Romanesque brewery structures and Italianate architecture.

This is just one example of how easily it is to find history. A chance meeting with Larry Wetterer unearthed some District Cincinnati heritage…in North Carolina! As a district heritage chair, simply being attuned to such possibilities can reap rewards. In the spirit of our MBAA 125th Anniversary, thank you, Larry!